About Cicerello's Jet Adventures

Cicerello’s Jet Adventures was born in 2022, with a home at the front of Cicerello’s in the iconic Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

Jet boating has been an important part of Fishing Boat Harbour since 1999 when the original Westcoast Jet was launched.  Rather than see this disappear after such a difficult period, we decided to make this important Fremantle business a part of our Family owned Cicerello’s group of businesses.

Not satisfied with just keeping the activity in Fishing Boat Harbour, we have doubled down, added a second vessel and very soon will be able to release details of a whole new range of adventures showcasing the amazing waters of Fremantle and departing from our Jetty in Fishing Boat Harbour.

We are passionate about fish and fishing, passionate boat lovers and most importantly, extremely passionate about our home in Fremantle.

Learn about our Boats

The Exhilarator

The Exhilarator is a NZ built custom vessel seating passengers in comfort with tiered seating giving everyone a great view and room to move around the vessel.

The vessel is easy to board from the jetty and provides seating for all 12 passengers.

The Exhilarator

The Exhilarator was custom designed and built in New Zealand in 2015 by expert jet craft designers and builders … The former world jet boat sprint champion!

The Exhilarator was built to be suitable for Australian open waters.

The Exhilarator is highly manoeuvrable and can also operate in very shallow waters.  The Exhilarator can be brought to stop, from full speed, within little more than its own length.  

Speaking of full speed, The Exhilarator can top out at 45 knots (about 90km/h).


  •  Length 8.2m
  • Displacement 3.5t
  • 630hp, twin turbo-charged Yanmar engines
  • 213 Hamilton Jet units
  • Top speed 45 knots (approx 90km/hr)
  • Draft 0.5m


Okiedokie is the original Westcoast Jet boat operating from Fishing Boat Harbour since 1999. 

In 2022 she is receiving a full makeover including refit, repaint and will shortly be relaunched with some very exciting news.



At 12 meters, the ‘Okiedokie’ is one of the largest and most powerful vessel of its type in Australia.

Performing OPEN OCEAN high-speed manoeuvres on the Ocean Encounter Tour including power stops, slide outs and 270 (degree) spins (sea conditions permitting), our professionally accredited skippers will thrill you in safety & style.

Experience the twin 440hp turbo charged diesel engines coupled to the indestructible Hamilton Jet.